Time to Get to Work!

Eric Jacobs

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Summers here and so are jobs! Young scholars across Indy are looking for jobs for the summer in all sorts of places.

The percent of high school students employed in America is 12.4%, and employment options for teens vary widely. The most typical job is the food industry. Flipping burgers and cleaning dishes may sound boring, but junior Will Harbin says otherwise.

“My favorite part about my job is meeting all these people and co-workers!” said Harbin, who is currently employed in the food industry and is saving up for a car. The food industry is always a good place to start job hunting.

Being a Camp Counselor is also a popular summer job for students. Facilities such as the JCC (Jewish Community Center) hire high school-aged kids to supervise camp activities. Many public parks, like Eagle Creek and Holliday Park, have camp programs that you can apply to online.

If you’re not into the whole paycheck-be-to-work-on-time thing, landscaping may be a good alternative for you. Kids can make good money by mowing lawns, raking leaves, cleaning gardens and many other easy jobs. Ask neighbors or friends and family if they need assistance with their lawn this this summer.

If you want to get that summer tan and make money at the same time, lifeguarding is for you! All you need to do is take general first aid tests and swimming tests. This is one of the top ten jobs that teens are employed in.

Having a job isn’t all about money though, Mr. Smeathers, 10th grade advisor, explained that having a summer job is can rack up valuable experience for your future.

“I coached Basketball and got paid in Mcdonalds and Chick fil a coupons. I also did landscaping work and made five bucks an hour… good money” said Smeathers.

Having a job is certainly not easy. It requires lots of will power, hard work and it’s not always fun. But it is a good way to spend time and make a little money at the same time. Smeathers advice?

“The world won’t wait for you, have some fun, make some money.”

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Time to Get to Work!