The Final Word on the Class of 2017

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The seniors will be officially leaving Herron High School on May 17th and they will venture out into the world to do good and change lives. They are throwing their hats in the air and getting the diplomas required to become official graduates. Seniors are dispersing to many different schools and studying a variety of things, from education to art.

“I’m going to the University of Southern Indiana to study nursing” said senior Ocean Johnson.

More than anything, many seniors expressed that they will miss the teachers at Herron. They believed that the teachers here helped them stay sane, helped them focus, and helped them mentally prepare. Teachers are an incredibly important aspect of a student’s life, and can have impacts for years to come.

“Ms. Paulen has been a good support device. Mr. Horgeshimer has always been good for musical excellence. With a little push, he helped me with guitar.” said senior, Noah Sweitzer.

The teachers will miss the class of 2017 as well. Mr. Pappas, English 12 teacher, noted what a thoughtful and well-spoken crop of seniors he had this year.

“[The seniors] had good discussions and I enjoy those moments when I plan something and it goes how I want.”

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The Final Word on the Class of 2017