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Quills Coffee and Rockstone Pizza are two restaurants that have gone unnoticed by the Herron community, being overshadowed by the Foundry and the Thirsty Scholar, but they will soon have their time to shine.

Quills Coffee has an atmosphere that is warm and the people are as friendly as their pooches.

“Dogs are pretty playful,” Alex, the barista, said when he explained that dogs are allowed in the simple yet cozy cafe as he whips up some amazingly delectable drinks.

Quills offers a variety of coffees including the Alchemist, which is a spicy coffee for the bold, heat-lovers, at a reasonable price of $4.50. While its opposite coffee, the Cafe Mela, has a bittersweetness to it, and is more for calm scholars. This coffee rang up at $4.20.

The barista’s favorite coffee is the Cortado, one of their many espresso beverages, priced at $3.10. For their entire menu and prices, click here!

At Rockstone the atmosphere created a unique and enjoyable vibe for anyone studying after school or going out with their friends, significant other, or family.

“[It’s] a place for getting together with friends that makes any day of the week feel like the weekend.” Says Angelica Velazquez, a fellow scholar who also goes to Rockstone, “The place seems to have warm atmosphere with great view of the city. The food took a minute but the wait was worth-while [because] it was fantastic!”

The Cheezy Chorizo Tater Ale is a sensational soup with melt in your mouth flavor and a tempting creaminess at only $4.95, to see the rest of Rockstone’s mouth watering selection, click here!

“All of it is good food, I‘ve worked here too long so I try not to eat too much…. But the margarita pizza is great.” Explains Steven, our waiter, “Great food, great vibes… and a great view.”
The mentioned pizza is 9.95 for a ten inch, but it is definitely worth it!

“I must be in hell because something this sinful can’t be from heaven,” joked Rybolt as she took a bite out of her chicken club. If you want to experience the guilty pleasure that she did, visit these places and soon you will experience Indy.

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