Stress: Affecting Teens Across the Nation

Kyndal Webb, News Editor

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We all know what it’s like to be a high school student; the stress, the large load of homework, and other hardships that may come from school. All high school students have experienced some form of stress in their career. It’s not always easy to avoid stress, but knowing some basic coping skills can make you a happier more successful student.

School counselors are able to offer training in coping skills for those who feel that stress is taking a toll on their lives.

“There are students at every school across the country that struggle with anxious feelings.”Andrew Smeathers, 10th grade counselor, said. For students struggling with stress, Smeathers recommends grounding techniques like biofeedback (monitoring changes in the way you feel), and mindfulness (focusing on the present).

Stress can be caused by many factors in a high school student’s life. There’s a variety of determining factors such as social relationships, past events/upcoming events, and school work. When problems build up in those aspects of life teenagers then become overwhelmed and it affects their functions in the classroom.

“Often times when we have anxious feelings it is because we’re thinking too far into the future, or too far into the past and struggling to focus on the now,” said Mr. Smeathers.

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Stress: Affecting Teens Across the Nation