Baseball Season on the Horizon

Spencer Harke, Sports Editor

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With the weather warming up, it’s getting closer to baseball season. Following an 8-8 season last year, expectations for the Herron High School baseball team are rising.

“Last season went pretty well, we beat teams we expected to beat and lost to the teams were expected to lose to.” Sophomore Cameiron Jackson said.

The coach, science teacher Rusty Hughes, was more positive, as he thought they had a successful season because it was the baseball teams third year of existence.Two notable wins last year included Shelbyville and Irvington.

Hughes expects the team to continue to get better at fundamentals, as they will have a more difficult schedule this year. Players such as Jackson and sophomore Evan Sanders are confident in the team.

“I think our record will be better than last year.” Jackson said. Sanders agreed that his expectations for the team this year were high.

To meet these high expectations, Coach Hughes starts work outs in the winter. Workouts usually include running, core exercises, and team building. He also expects players to work on their own as well. Jackson and Sanders say they both work to stay in shape on their own and Sanders goes the extra mile.

“I try to make it to batting cages as often as possible.”

Everybody plays baseball for their own personal reasons, and everyone has their favorite part of the season.

“My favorite part of baseball season is at the beginning of the year in meeting new players. It is exciting to me to watch how new players fit in with the veteran players.” Coach Hughes responded when asked what his favorite part of the season was.

Jackson and Sanders had two different approaches.

“My favorite part of the season is probably spending time with my teammates.” Jackson said, while Sanders said his favorite part of the season was winning and playing doubleheaders.

While winning should be important, it’s not everything. Jackson summed it up perfectly, saying, “We will definitely try to win, but to me the most important part is that everyone has fun and enjoys the season no matter what happens.”

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Baseball Season on the Horizon