Making Change One Step at a Time: Amnesty Community Engagement (ACE)

Kyndal Webb, News Editor

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Amnesty Community Engagement club addresses human rights issues happening around the world, as well as in Indianapolis. The members give back to the community through community service.

Amnesty was founded in 2015 by two students with a passion for making the world a better place. The club started out as Amnesty International, but later was renamed ACE.

“The focus of ACE shifted to defending human rights in the community,” said Mrs. Scroggins, club sponsor.

Amnesty meets on Thursdays after school; the members congregate in Mrs. Scroggins’ room (257F), a calm and creative environment.

“ACE is always welcoming new members. We’re an open minded group and all viewpoints are welcome as long as they support human rights in some way,” Mrs. Scroggins said.

Getting involved in a club at Herron High School is essential if you plan on applying for college. Amnesty is a club that is able to keep you caught up with the latest social injustices and human rights violations. “People should be alert of the violations of human rights. Stay passionate about what you care about. If you care about something, then get involved,” Alena Finell, one of the founders, advised.
Herron administration looks at being involved in a club as a requirement. “Joining a club is important to build a sense of community here at Herron. A club also has the benefit of helping students access topics, career paths, and experiences that may help them identify what students are passionate about,” Mr. Westerfeld advised.

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Making Change One Step at a Time: Amnesty Community Engagement (ACE)