Cosplays: Fab or Flop?

AJ Lichtenburger, Data Journalism

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It is no doubt: we all love dressing up. And Halloween is the perfect time for it! But what if you want to wear a costume outside of Halloween? Or maybe you just want to go all out with your costume. Well, then, Cosplay is for you. Cosplay is the expensive art of dressing up as your favorite character… only to the extreme! Every detail is exposed and amped up, sometimes adding little gimmicks that make your costume unique. Cosplays can either be amazing or a terrible fail. Here are some we judged as either Fab or Flop.


  • Bowser Woman
    • This woman went retro, cosplaying the vicious villain from the Super Mario Series: Bowser. The cosplay is definitely Fab with its attention to accents and similarity to the turtle-like villain. From her red hair, to her exquisite top, this is one amazing cosplay!



  • Tracer Gone Janitor?
    • This kid decided to cosplay the character Tracer, from the game Overwatch, on a limited budget. This kid’s interesting outcome consists of items such as spray bottle guns and a toilet brush for a time stabilizer. This costume however, due to the lack of realism, is a Flop. Below this person’s failed attempt, is the actual character. Do you agree that this is a flop? 


  • Team Fortress Trio
    • These mercenaries are far from the real deal, but they show the oddness of the ones from the game Team Fortress 2. The names of these interesting characters (from left to right) are Sniper, Soldier, and Engineer. These cosplayers nail this one in the head from their outfits, to their expressions, to even the little bit of stubble on their faces. A rare trio like this made it to the Fab list because of their looks and their choice to wear different hats.


  • Patrick Cone-fish
    • This man probably won’t go to Comic Con, but he definitely needs a spot on this list because of his total randomness. But, of course this costume isn’t Fab, it is an utter Flop!


  • Alphonse Elric
    • Even at the risk of offending the sensibilities of our English teachers, this cosplay is an amazing rendition of the Fullmetal Alchemist character, Alphonse Elric, who is a soul bonded to a suit of armor. This Fab cosplay takes the cake for the coolest armor. The detail is beyond belief!


  • Ronald McThor
    • This is an interesting cosplay with elements from the character Ronald McDonald and the super hero Thor. This god is obviously the god of chicken nuggets, wielding his hammer made from the boxes from McDonald’s restaurant. This cosplay’s attention to detail towards Thor’s outfit, as well as, Ronald McDonald’s color palette, makes this an excellent costume. But is it a Fab or Flop? Comment below!


  • Tank Girl
    • This costume is based on Tank Girl, from the comic Tank Girl. This costume features everything to her signature Rocket-Bra, to a comedic sign saying “Challenge Accepted!” If this costume wasn’t worn in such frigid weather, it would be easier to judge. This is a Fab costume in my opinion!


  • Big Daddy and Little Sister
    • These costumes are exquisite pieces of art, with strong attention to detail. Even Little Sister sports worn out shoes look as if she’d been wearing them for years. My best guess is that Big Daddy’s costume would have been extremely  heavy due to how closely it resembles real metal. Definitely a Fab costume.


  • Feminine Discord
    • This costume is based on the My Little Pony character, Discord. Discord is a mischievous beast who wreaks havoc on the ponies. This person’s interpretation involves a touch of femininity with its longer hair and tight body suit. This makes it 20% cooler and 100% Fab!


  • Trashcan Eve
    • AJ Lichtenberger created this costume with her uncle, Ian Franklin, in 2014. Made from a simple white trash can, paint, and bicycle lights, she won the Irvington Halloween Festival’s costume contest! It leaves one to wonder how many others she could have won. Do you think this costume is a Fab or Flop? Tell us below!
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Cosplays: Fab or Flop?